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Présentation du Proxima B - la solution ultime pour les amateurs de plein air cherchant à s'évader des campings et à vivre des aventures hors de l'ordinaire, toute l'année. Conçu dans un souci d'accessibilité, de modularité et de robustesse, le Proxima B est le véhicule d'aventure idéal pour votre prochain road trip dans un confort total.


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Devoted to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, we expertly design adventure vans that honor the esteemed legacy of this renowned brand. Our unwavering commitment to top-notch quality ensures adherence to uplifting standards. With over 400 authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships in North America, embark on road trips with absolute peace of mind.

Limitless Design: Exploring the Versatility of a Single Floor Plan

Rear Configurations

Lounge mode, garage mode, single bed mode, and double bed mode are versatile features found in the Proxima B vans. In lounge mode, the seating area is optimized for socializing and relaxing, with comfortable seats for 4 humans and a table for dining or playing games. Garage mode allows for additional storage of bikes inside the van. Single bed mode is designed for one person to sleep comfortably, while double bed mode can accommodate two people. These different modes allow for flexibility in how the space is used, making it easier to adapt to different needs and preferences while on the road.

Front Configurations

The front configurations of a removable kitchen cabinet offer incredible versatility for a range of functions. The option for seating of 1, 2 or 3 passengers allows for flexibility in accommodating different group sizes. The 360 swiveling front cabin seating allows for ease of movement and optimal use of space. The front separation from the front and rear cabin provides privacy and a clear distinction between living and driving areas. Overall, the front configurations with these functionalities create a highly adaptable and customizable space for various purposes, whether it be for camping, road trips or mobile living.

Spec sheets

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Floor plans: 2 in 1 (and more)

2 to 5 individuals within 1 floorplan

AO Rear Door Tire Carrier for VS30 Sprinter (2019+) AO FERRATA VS30 Light Bar (2019+) AO Sprinter 2500 Big Brake Upgrade Agile RIP Kit – Sprinter 2500 4×4 / AWD AO Engine Skid Plate for Sprinter 4×4


Top-notch components

Discover our carefully curated collection of top-notch enhancements by the industry's leading brand, designed to elevate your Proxima Vans journey. Whether it's grand cross-continental voyages or captivating year-round mountain expeditions, our upgrades enhance every adventure moment.

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