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Main System Control Overview

Explore the Proxima-B RV's main system control with our detailed overview playlist, featuring videos from our partnered high-end components manufacturer. Discover how to efficiently manage all-terrain, all-season, and off-grid functionalities, ensuring a seamless and luxurious adventure experience

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Mercedes-Benz Vans Overview

Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz Vans Overview playlist for Proxima Van owners. Dive into comprehensive insights and detailed walkthroughs to enhance your understanding. Discover innovations and practical tips based on the Mercedes-Benz chassis to maximize your Proxima Van's potential.

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- In case of chassis-related emergencies, contact Mercedes' 24-hour roadside assistance (1-800-387-0100) for immediate help.

- For heater-related issues, please contact Shaun at 514-952-0964 or email info@btumobile.com between 8 AM and 4 PM from Monday to Friday.

- For Volta power-related issues, please refer to the user manual first and contact Volta power technical service if unable to resolve the issue at 616-226-4222 between 8 AM and 5 PM from Monday to Friday.