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Our mission: Helping you living your best life. We're here to offer life-changing road trips experience in proximity with nature and loved ones.


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We're all about the thrill of life on the road! From the peaceful mountain villages of Vermont to the vast open landscapes of Yukon, and the excitement of four-season outdoor sports, our passion lies in providing you with the perfect vehicle for experiencing it all in absolute comfort.

Having spent years exploring the world in various adventure vehicles, we take pride in introducing our top-quality, low-quantity Luxury Class-B RVs. These vehicles are specifically designed for those who crave off-grid adventures in all terrains and seasons. We're not your typical plug-in camping vans; instead, we're your go-to choice for conquering the most breathtaking and mythical roads on planet Earth.

Unification in Diversity

The Heart and Soul of Proxima

We're all about fostering meaningful human connections and authenticity. Our bond extends beyond mere business; it's about supporting one another, sharing dreams, and collectively pursuing our own visions of success. We embrace our uniqueness and work towards a future where more kindred spirits join us.

Michaël Ferland



Arnaud Douillez

Chief Financial Officer


Pascal Coté

Chief Legal Officer


Pascal Monty

Plant Manager


Stephane Plouffe

Head Technician


Yvon Dagenais


Lucie Mainville


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