Proxima B Model: Where Strength Meets Elegance

Engineered for all-terrain, all-season, off-grid adventure.

The Peak of Performance

Introducing the Proxima Vans Adventure Vehicle: Your ticket to all-terrain, all-season exploration, fully off-grid. Sleep in comfort, even at -20°C, with 20+ minutes of indoor shower time, all while effortlessly staying warm. Designed for the ultimate peace of mind, the Proxima redefines flexibility with its innovative floor plan, offering unrivaled accessibility, comfort, and freedom for your off-road adventures. Discover the world without limits.





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The solid foundation for the PROXIMA-B is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 170 AWD chassis, offering exceptional capabilities. Tackle even the most demanding terrains effortlessly thanks to the newly integrated All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system, paired with a potent 4-cylinder diesel engine that not only increases towing capacity but also elevates comfort by minimizing noise and vibrations. It's like effortlessly conquering mountains as you drive through them.

The 2023 chassis boasts a range of impressive features, including a high-efficiency 4-cylinder diesel engine, a 9G-Tronic automatic transmission with 9 speeds, a state-of-the-art All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system, enhanced connectivity through Mercedes Me Connect, and upgraded safety with a digital rearview mirror, among many other advancements.

The Proxima Vans off-grid electrical system offers unparalleled peace of mind, boasting a 12 kWh storage capacity and delivering an impressive 3.6kW of 120V AC power. This robust system ensures a continuous power supply, effortlessly replenished while driving via an 8 kW secondary alternator. Energy replenishment is further enhanced by the presence of onboard solar panels, which start at 200W and can be expanded to an impressive 800+ watts. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a built-in 30-amp "power outlet" connection for charging when conventional power sources are accessible, ensuring your electrical needs are met no matter where your adventure takes you.

Explore the convenience of our versatile all-season plumbing system, boasting a generous 39-gallon freshwater tank that effortlessly provides both hot and cold water to your indoor and outdoor shower facilities and sinks. With just a quick push of a button, indulge in instant access to refreshing, temperature-controlled water.

Additionally, our integrated freshwater filtration system guarantees impeccable water quality, assuring you of pure hydration during your exciting off-road adventures. Accompanying this system, the grey water tank boasts a capacity of 22 gallons, while the black water tank is thoughtfully integrated into our independent cassette toilet for utmost convenience.

Up to 5 Individuals

Enjoy our van's flexible seating and sleeping for up to 5 passengers. Switch from 5 seats to 1 or 2 in under 10 minutes, offering tailored convenience and flexibility.

Abundant Storage

Discover the dual-purpose design of our 54x76 lift bed, which serves as both a secondary living area and a secure indoor garage for storing your valuable outdoor gear. Its adaptability ensures your needs are effortlessly met.

Total Confidentiality

With a stealth exterior look and complet interior blackout windows cover, you can be confident that your presence within the vehicle will remain entirely hidden from view.

Let's create your dream van

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