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Argile Off Road

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Let Us Take You to
Remote Wonders

Crafting vans for off-road adventures is our expertise. It's evident that all Proxima owners harbor dreams of conquering the Arctic Ocean and discovering hidden treasures worldwide. The reality is, not everyone feels at ease orchestrating these epic journeys solo. That's where we come in—meticulously planning every step of the way. Your journey, our mastery— Let's work together to craft unforgettable road trip memories.

Meet Your Guide

Meet Your Guide - Michaël. A lifetime adventurer with twelve cross-country journeys along rugged back roads, Michael has traversed the wilderness in Subarus, Campervans, and Truck Campers. His expertise extends to navigating the jungles of Congo (DRC) and exploring the deserts of Jordan and Lebanon, ensuring your expedition is both thrilling and luxuriously comfortable.

Let's Craft Your Dream Road Trips

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